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Apr 24, 2016 6:42 pm
Mark Offline
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Subject: LG45 Rear Axle Noise
I have a problem with the axle on my LG45 de Ville. When under load, for example, ascending a hill, a distinct droning has started from the rear. This was noticed first yesterday when driving slowly in traffic up a hill. I topped up the axle (with EP140 which it hardly needed) but the droning sound was still present. It is also present on the flat when accelerating away, but less noticeable at higher speeds. There are no issues on overun as far as I know. Today I drained the axle and noted that the oil was heavily coloured brass/bronze.

Can anyone give me a view on likely causes? Does it sound like wear in the CWP and/or something else? I just want to know what I am possibly up against before I strip it out. Incidently the heavier de Ville has a 3:9 axle ratio, so it accelerates away very well but is a bit compromised for motorway cruising. I have always thought it would be better with a 3.58, but may stuggle with a 3.31 so it looks as if I now have the opportunity to address this.

Grateful for experiences and advice of members who have had similar problems or have had an axle rebuilt

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