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Feb 06, 2018 2:46 pm
bill Offline
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Subject: Re: Waterless Coolant
Just to resurrect this thread once again about waterless coolants and the like ...
There have also been other comments elsewhere on this Forum.
Maybe it is worth reading and noting Jonathan Oppenheimer comments in the February Newsletter (just received) about his experiences with "4 Life Coolant". I do not know the product specifically or the circumstances in which it was used but it would appear to be one of the so called "waterless coolant" varieties.
In my humble opinion do NOT use these products in our old fashioned engines or be prepared for trouble.
If you do use them be prepared for localised overheating of which you will not be aware. This can cause pistons to seize and other problems.
Your temperature gauge (if accurate) only tells you the temperature in the header tank and not elsewhere in the engine.
I was assured by a very well qualified modern automotive cooling engineer (working for a large well know car company) that nothing is better than ordinary water for cooling - although maybe add a little antifreeze/corrosion protection.
Any alternatives views,experiences or comments welcome !

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