Why this Forum ?

This is a forum for the Lagonda car enthusiast. This is not the official Lagonda Club site, which you find here:

All posts in this forum are personal oppinions of those contributing, technical information can be incomplete or wrong, everybody using the information does it on his own risk.

The idea of this forum is, to create a base of knowledge and information, available for the Lagonda car enthusiast. There is a tremendous amount of information around but most of it in the heads of each of us. We all exchange information with others, one to one so far. If we post our questions and answers in this forum, others will find answers immediately by searching through the topics.

This forum will grow and change depending on your contribution! Your suggestions of change or addition are welcome, you can post them in the forum too. This forum was initiated by me, Peter Schirg (S30) and my son Anton, we may need some help later from other club members to moderate it.

For a start you find several categories to put your post in: general discussion and remarks about this forum, market (search and offer) and mainly categories for each type of car with subcategories. Division into further subcategories like: bodywork, gears, frame may come later, when the number of posts makes it necessary.

For using the forum please register (see "how to use" if you need an explanation)

Written by anton at Nov 28, 2007 7:32 pm. Last change at Dec 29, 2007 12:55 pm.

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