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pedal rubbers
does anyone make the clutch & brake pedal rubbers
rear main bearing 38 v-12
does anyone have knowledge on the rear main of these engines...she runs like a top but leaks oil from the rear...and i would like to understand seal availability...procedure to install...before i remove ...
M45 Gearbox Oil
Hopefully someone has an answer to this question(s). Perhaps an oil technologist is a forum member? I have just changed the oil on a T8 gearbox using EP90 API GL5 spec which is one of the recommended ...
v12 rear main seal
is there anyone who has had to replace their rear main seal ?
P100 Dippers
Hi everyone, I know that itís possible to fit modern dual filament lamps and lamp holders into P100ís but I love the solenoid dipping function. So I am looking for another internal reflector with solenoid ...
searching for my car history
I would like to find out if anyone knows any history of stewardship for this car which i have recently acquired 1938 lagonda 12 limousine coachwork by Windover...tag # 18015 registration plate enn999. ...
head 16/80
Hello, as result of low compression between cyl 3 and 4, I found a brocken bolt an defect gasket. So I ordered new head gasket and a set of new motor bolts at the club last week. To make sure that ...
LG45 Rapide for sale
What do we think?
LG6 Carburettor - Threaded fuel inlet
Hello everyone, thought I'd try the forum for some more advice. The front carb on my LG6 was leaking and upon investigation I've found that the thread in the float bowl, where the fuel line attaches, ...
Oil additives
I've just changed the oils in my LG45 and it got me thinking about all the new additives on the market claiming to be just the ticket for our older cars. I've always been very wary of engine flush on ...
brake drum limits
Does anyone have the dimensions for the original and maximum allowable diameters for the front and rear (ribbed) brake drums? Thanks, Alec
Air Conditioning for DB 3-Litre
Hello Lagonda Fans, Has anybody seen or heard about somebody adding air conditioning to their Lagonda DB 3-Litre or Aston Martin 2/4? If yes, let me know, because it would require a double pulley on the ...
M45 T7/T8 Tourer front wings
FOR SALE M45 T7/T8 Tourer (or would fit saloon) original front wings. Good condition. Replica wings never seem to get the shape correct. These are original. Also a pair of original T8 tourer doors. ...
LR110 for sale
You may have seen 110 has joined the inventory at Byron, just back from a concours in Japan after its success at Villa d'Este last year
Handle for SkyHi Jack
Can anyone help with a handle for a SkyHi jack?