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Subject: Re: Water Pump Modification
Yes, good points. I've fitted a 12V coil and by-passed the ballast resistor but the 6V system makes a lot of sense. Was it generally dropped because of alternators or for some other reason? I could easily fit a 6V coil, would it be worth it?

I was planning to change the dynamo for an alternator but the Lucas 'Special Equipment' C45 is a lovely looking dynamo which suits the look of the engine bay (along with the Lucas RB310 voltage regulator). It is a reversible upgrade but personally I love those characteristic items in the engine bay which show quality engineering and technological advances of the day etc such as the Girling Servos, Dynamo, PHH44's (carbs) and so on. It's getting the balance of practicality and authenticity right which is part of the challenge.