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Subject: Re: Air Conditioning for DB 3-Litre
It seems that I am the first to put an AC into a DB 3-Litre DHC. I used a Volvo XC90 rear evaporator, which fits in the original heater housing, a custom double pulley (made by Aston Service Dorset), compressor and condenser/dryer from Vintage Air, built some custom brackets to install the compressor on the intake side of the engine and installed a hidden air vent behind the ashtray cover, plus two more under the dashboard. It required a stronger blower as well, which replaced the original one in the same location. To still have a heater, I installed a very small heater/fan directly under the original location, inside the cabin and used a VW Golf I heater valve on the side of the original heater housing and using the original cable control. To offset the additional load on the engine with the AC on, I installed a hand-gas cable to increase the idle as needed.
If somebody needs more details about this, please contact me.