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04. December 1962 (Age: 59)
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I am a process engineer born in 62, started in the chemical industry and work in my own company since 1997.

When I was in the last year of school I completely restorated my first old car, an Aero 18 Roadster (2 seater plus dickey, 2 cylinder, 2 stroke, built 1931)

Other cars I was driving were VW Beetle 1961, BMW2800 1969, later during PhD study bought an MGA1500 1958 which I still have on the road.

The LagondaV12 came in 2003 because I saw it sold at no reserve.. which I could not resist for one of the most interesting cars of the late 30s. I try to improve it and keep it running. This started my interest in Lagonda history, which includes WO Bentley too.

Work I did so far on the V12: sorting out the electrics, integration of flashlight in the existing lights, jackall system, central lubrication, brakes, distributors and ignition, carburettors, sliding roof, wooden frame for rear window, new rubber seals for side windows, opening the water plates and cleaning out sludge, adding an electrical water pump, cleaning oil sump.

I like to do as far as I can on my own (I have a lathe and a small milling machine)

The came a Gutbrod 1951 (2 stroke 2 cylinder again) world first serial produced car with optional direct fuel injection (which my engine has). A total restoration project, ongoing for more years to come.

I still had a dream car (see later): the low chassis 2 or 3l. But looking for this I came accross the DB 3ltr, totally different type of car but very elegant and rare and much less expensive and again I could not resist..

I loved the Aldermaston Lagonda Club meeting I attended twice and the very nice people in the Club and this combined with the fun and questions with my Lagondas was the reason to start this forum. Without my older son Anton this would be difficult.

Adding a beautifull 2ltr LC cycle type wing tourer recently the collection should be complete now..


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