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I found my first Lagonda as a derelict chassis in 1975. I am a chartered engineer and aim to do most of the work myself in my fully equipped (and warm) workshop, though I do have help from my tame restorer when I can afford it!
I curently own 3 Lagondas:-
* a 1927 2 Litre HC speed model tourer - fully operational and in regular use.
* a 1933 16/80 Vanden Plas Drophead - in need of some minor works
* a 1935 M45 ST34 Saloon. - nearing the end of a 10 year restoration

I spent over 35 years working for British Telecom R&D and now for my day job I am a telecommunications and and e-commerce consultant. I am particularly interested in fixed-mobile convergence, e-identity, smart cards, Web 2.0 etc.

I have also acted as a Lagonda Club technical advisor, though as the club no longer provides this service I now do it as a personal service to fellow enthusiasts. I consider this chatroom a perfect forum to encourage others to share their experience.

I have previously owned:-
* a 1925 12/24 tourer, which I completely restored and sold in 1991
* a 1936 LG 45 saloon
* a 1924 Rapier special
* a 1927 Alvis 12/50 TG sportsmans saloon

I have high regard for all of the above cars, particularly the Alvis, and it was a difficult decision to sell it. My wife made me do it, she said that Lagondas were more comfortable!

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