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May 04, 2017 1:21 pm
Keith Offline
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Subject: Exhaust for 1955 Lagonda DB 3 Litre DHC
Stainless exhaust for 1955 Lagonda DB 3 Litre DHC

I thought I should share the following information:

After making several enquiries and checking out a variety of specialist Stainless Steel exhaust fabricators, I was recommended to STS in Bedford. (My local town).

An unimpressive workshop in an old, disorganised and scruffy light industrial site greeted me when I arrived. - The only thing that persuaded me to get out of my car was that several, respected, local restorers and engineering companies had recommended me.

Seb (the owner), is a man of few words. His Polish colleagues didn't inspire me with confidence. But with convenience in mind I commissioned a full exhaust to be fabricated and fitted.

A two-day appointment was made for two weeks later. Upon collection, I was (and remain), extremely impressed with the quality of workmanship and fitting. I warmed to Seb during the experience and was pleasantly surprised at the 550+VAT invoice. - I was expecting to pay Three times the amount.

If you can live without glamour and pandering and need a new, bespoke, S/S exhaust, I recommend STS, Bedford without hesitation.


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