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Oct 25, 2017 1:02 pm
Steve Darnell Offline
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Subject: 2 Litre Flywheel
My 14/60 has shed at least 1/3rd of the starter ring teeth from the flywheel, Has anyone else experienced this, and what's the fix?

I've replaced the broken Bendix housing, which was the probable cause, but it appears that the ring gear is not removable...


Oct 25, 2017 8:49 pm
Mark Offline
Registered since: Feb 05, 2009
Location: Worcestershire

Subject: Re: 2 Litre Flywheel
Hi Steve
Yes, been there with my 2 Litre!
The flywheel does indeed have the ring gear machined into it.
It wears in the same place because the flywheel always tends to stop in the same position. Hence upon start up the Bendix gear is always in the same relative position on the ring gear. When the Bendix gets dirt in its 'quick thread' it does not retract quickly enough or fully and it wears both sets of teeth. In days past a quick fix was to remove the flywheel and refit it to the crank 90 degrees further round which engages an unworn section of teeth on the ring gear. The downside is your timing marks are then in the wrong position!
The complete answer is a new ring gear which is fitted by machining off the old gear and either shrinking on or bolting on a new gear.
If you are desperate I have a new ring gear with full fitting instructions purchased 'in case' some years back when a batch was made. PM me or look me up in the members register (Y2)
Hope this helps
Best Regards

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