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Oct 28, 2019 10:12 pm
29invicta Offline
Registered since: Jul 08, 2017
Location: Detroit area, Michigan, USA

Subject: windshield silencer/lockdown/ or whatever it might be called...
Hi there -- I'm hoping that someone out there has seen something similar to what I've circled in this photo of our car from 1971. The windscreen frame has 4 screw holes in at at both attachment locations, and I think these were some kind of way to lock open or closed the lower side of the windscreen. Right now it rattles something awful when driving down our pothole-strewn Michigan roadways, and I'd hate to get a crack in the glass again! Thanks for any ideas or advice on this...

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Filename: missing invicta windshield lockdowns.jpg
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Ted Delphia

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