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Nov 19, 2020 1:13 pm
Lagonda1928 Offline
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Subject: Ignition Lead Tubing / P Clip Problem
I am in the process of installing a club sourced ingition lead tube onto my cylinder head.
I have purchased some 20mm wide, 1mm thick brass P clips to secure it onto two of the cylinder head bolts but when I start to tighten them to the correct torque (50lbs/ft) then they twist and distort as shown in the attached photo. I have tried all sorts of methods to stop this including greasing the top washer but so far with little success.
My current plan is to have two made by my local blacksmith slightly wider and from 1.5mm stainless steel... my thinking is that by making them slightly wider, I might also be able to hold them in position with a spanner when tightening the bolt with my torque wrench.
I would however be interested to know if anyone else has sufffered a similar problem and what solution they came up with ?

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Nov 21, 2020 11:15 am
h14 Offline
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Subject: Re: Ignition Lead Tubing / P Clip Problem
Were they brass originally? If not, it might simply be that you need to use steel / stainless. Two thoughts alternatively, you could try two well greased washers between the nut and the clip, or a spring washer (you could experiment with single coil and internal star types), assuming they would be practicable for that torque. In this instance, place the spring washer BETWEEN the leaves of the clip. You may need to compensate for resulting reduced tightness of the clip on the tube; tape or rubber strip around the tube, or re-make the clips to suit. You appear to have sufficient thread height on the studs to be able to have the nuts a little higher up the thread.

One other thought. There are washers...and there are washers. Most of the washers on my V12 are hard steel. Some have been replaced by misguided chimps with pretty new ones that have patently deformed in use. It might be worth trying other washers.
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