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Jul 14, 2008 10:52 am
bru jones Offline
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Subject: Tappet balls and circlips? 3 Litre :help:
Hi Cyber land,
I decided to adjust my tappets on the 3 litre this week end,having warmed the car up and using the rule of 13 the tappets were re set at 8 tho , re started engine and it sounded lovley.but... no oil was coming out of no;1 s rocker top . having removed said rocker i found that the bush had moved and the hole was not in line,so i fitted another (found in a box!) at the same time i noticed that the ball bearing in the tappet was on a very small flat and after putting a mini screw driver in the hole managed to wiggle it till i had a much larger flat side i then re set the tappet clearence, having seen this i decided to chech the other s and found that 8 of the 12 were what apear to me the wrong way round .I have now re set all the tappets its raining and dark so i have not checked out my work. My question to those who know is ... is the larger flat side the correct way the ball bearing tappet should be set ? and in half of my tappet adjusters there are small circlips . What are they for ? do i have to find replacements? I can see no reason for them being there ,but having played with this car for a while im shure there is a reason what is it ? looking forward to you comments than Bru in aus. E-Mail Helpless
Bru Jones J 28

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