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Nov 23, 2011 8:56 pm
Peter S30 Offline
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Subject: Steering arm failure
I am posting this for my friend Eckhard, F2:

I own my Lagonda V12DHC since 1977. The car has been overhauled and restored in every aspect from chassis up. Since now several years I am driving this car and enjoyed it very much. However at our last Continental Lagond Meeting in Battle, I returned after a very enjoyable week in England back to the continent. After returning I had to manoeuver the car in the garage. In this process suddenly the steering failed! Investigating the problem I found the steering had been broken on one arm, see attached picture. Further looking into the failure I found the it was a fatigue fracture that must have been developing over a long period of time. Luckily enough it happened in the garage! No telling if it would have happened on our way back at 90 mph! We just have been very lucky.

Question now, replacement? Who might have a part like this on some shelf in the garage/basement or somewhere else? I would greatly appreciate some reply.

my addition: could it be welded too if no spare is available?

Thumbnails of attached images:

Filename: Lenkhebel 2kl.jpg
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Filename: Lenkhebel 1kl.jpg
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