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Jan 24, 2008 2:09 am
yted Offline
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Subject: Re: New Exhaust
Amongst our V12's is one of only four Rapides produced by the factory fitted with four D4 SU carburettors. It's exhaust had only one silencer per line delivered ex-works. However, as with Alistair's it does not have a factory body, rather James Young.

Our other cars, saloons and coupe, were fitted with the two silencers. Interestingly the exhaust notes are quite similar, single and double, and pipe diameters are identical.

Mark Whitehead

Feb 24, 2008 11:27 am
Peter S30 Offline
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Subject: Re: New Exhaust
So here it is. It was done by local specialist about 60km from my home. Material is stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304) including all flanges. I think they did a good job, producing all parts and fitting it to the car including remanufacture of all mounting parts. Instead of one of the 4-screw flanges there is a modern fitting (not so nice for the purist). After welding the system was passivated (but I think only from outside). Total cost was 2000 EUR including taxes. I just drove the car back yesterday.

The endpipes we did similar to as they were before on this car (bent a little downwards) but I asked for having them inside the bumpers.

In one photo you see the old parts. We found that some tubing in the old system was from a copper-alloy ! soldered to mild steel parts. I wonder if that was original or already a replacement. The first part after the exhaust manifold was mild steel and very thin already from corrosion.

The system is not significantly more silent than before, so the second silencer does not help to much and the first one might be better if a bit larger, but we did stick to the original 130mm diameter

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