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Apr 15, 2008 1:59 pm
Peter S30 Offline
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Subject: Frequently asked questions
I registered but can not log in:
You must remember the username and password which you used.

New user activation: to keep spammers out of this forum I will receive a mail automatically if a new users wants to register. I will answer him and if he seems to be a true Lagonda enthusiast, I will activate his account. After this he can always just log in with username and password.

My account is not activated after several days:
Send me a mail as reminder ( or

I forgot my username and/or password:
click on „Forgot Password“, here you will be asked fo the e-mail address from which you did your registration. To this address you will receive a new acivation mail automatically

Forgot password function does not work:
send a mail to the moderator (me) or I can not read your password, it is hidden and encrypted, but I can assign you a new password which you can change later.

I can not see the site correctly, I can not see photos:
reason is probably your browser, send a mail which browser you use (Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Firefox.. and version number) or try another browser.
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