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Nov 23, 2015 6:40 pm
lagonda29 Offline
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Subject: Running boards
I need to replace the running boards on my 1929 LC 2L with full (swept) wings. Can anyone give me any advice as to the best wood to use. Thanks
Graham Wallis

Nov 26, 2015 12:33 am
Mark Offline
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Location: Worcestershire

Subject: Re: Running boards
Hi Graham,
Surprised no 2 Litre HC owners have responded, where are you Colin?
I don't have the timber spec for the HC 2 Litre but doubt it would have been a hardwood. The LC 2 Litre with the T2 body made a bit of a show of the curved and pointed mahogany running boards and a lot of these were painted black in period. However, most today are varnished and look very impressive when first finished, but the HC running board timber is of course covered up! An early LC with swept wings I think is also covered up?

My advice would be to select a decent quality seasoned pine, the seasoning being important to ensure no twisting/splitting etc. I would then ensure it is heavily treated with 3 coats of Cuprinol. After this is dry, which will take a couple of weeks, go for a primer/undercoat and top coat in black. That will keep the water out for a few years. If you go for a hardwood I recommend the same treatments and you have to be careful and pre drill the holes for the wood screws you need to use. This is also advisable with softwood, either way be careful to avoid splitting.
A good timber yard should provide advice on your options
Probably telling you the obvious but hope this helps
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